247Box - Messenger delivery

247Box is a device, which will help you to accept delivery of your parcel by messenger. The stainless steel box is placed in front of your house and always ready to accept parcel from messenger. The box is equipped by smalock for remote box opening (DanaLock V3 or Nuki Smart lock). 


Be like a George: 

George either spends all day in the office, or travels to various locations. To save the time, he likes shopping on the Internet and he uses delivery services to receive his orders. It is always hard to reach him just in one place, so he uses 247Box.

When the messenger reaches his home, he calls George to deliver him his parcel. When George receives his call, he just clicks on the app and remotely opens the 247Box in front of his house. The messenger either drops off the parcel there, or he even automatically opens the box by a code received in the note of delivery. 


When George will reach his home, he just picks his parcel from the box and spend the afternoon with his family. Whenever the future will come, you can simply upgrade your 247Box for drone delivery.