Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I place the box?

A: The box is designed for outdoor usage. You can place it anywhere at your garden. A messenger must have access to the 247Box. 

Q: What if the size of parcel is bigger than 247Box?

A: Yes, it can also happened. Just ask messenger for alternative delivery.

Q: How is 247Box secured?

A: The box uses profesional smart locker with equivalent certification. The same one, as they are used for entrance door.

Q: Can anyone steel all 247box?

A: The 247box is quite heavy (from 31 kgs, but  you still can fix it to ground.

Q: How will I receive 247box?

A: We use to DHL service to deliver 247Box to you. In case of 247Box - Custom box, our team will come and install device.

Q: What if I have problem with connecting/signal and I cannot open box?

A: Yes, it can also happened. Just ask messenger for alternative delivery. Consider also locker with dial keyboard. 

Q: Can I use the 247Box for delivery from food store or restaurant.

A: Definitely, It is made from stainless steel. It keeps right temperature in summer, and also in winter.

Q: How can I open box remotely?

A: Every system with smart locker has own application for android or iOS. You use simple to app to unlock smart locker or add it to your home automatisation (GoogleHome, AppleHomekit). 

Q: How can I set code for opening?

A: Upon ordering goods in your favorite store, you set up code for opening in mobile app. When you are finishing order, you write code to the note. When a messenger comes with your shop, he will use code for opening the 247Box.

Q: When can I receive parcel?

A: Anytime, 24 hours / day, 7 days /Week. Only a messenger must have access to 247Box.

Q: Where are these 247boxes produced?

A: Everything is designed and produced in Czech Republic.

Q: Where do you deliver 247Box? 

A: We ship out 247Box only to Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands. 

Do you have anymore questions? Let us know on mail