247Box - Drone delivery

247Box is a device, which will help you to accept delivery of your parcel by drone. The stainless steel box is placed on your garden and always ready to accept parcel from drone. 


Be like George: 

George is usually office bound when he’s not traveling around the city. He prefers the convenience of online shopping and receiving his parcel delivery using a reliable drone delivery service.

Fortunately, the 247Box in George’s residence makes drone delivery easy and efficient. During the process of drone delivery, the drone will fly above the 247Box. The 247Box responds by confirming the parcel and opening the lid to securely accept the package. Drone delivery is officially complete!


George arrives to his parcel delivery, safely stored in the 247Box and gets to enjoy his free time without being concerned about tracking or collecting his parcels. The 247Box is the Revolution in Drone Delivery!